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CEO's Message

ICterra, in the continuation of a quarter century of international information technology and software engineering experience, as a purely domestic venture since 2013, will leave its three years behind by 2016.

I can proudly say, with the strength of our background knowledge and of course with the respect and devotion we have for our job, we continue to grow in line with the targets we originally put forward.


If we need to express in numbers; over the past year ICterra’s 2015 sales have provided expansion of 37%, while local sales of which composed by a significant volume of defense industry and public contracts sales, has increased by over 50% . On the other hand, past year’s R & D expenditure for its own products is almost 8% of ICterra’s turnover.

Another promising news is that ICterra was the sixth-largest software exporter in the Interpromedya’s first 500 IT company rankings of Turkey. This is a step increase from the previous year in the export branch.

All this progress gives us hope for the future. The ever-increasing needs in the field of information technology and high-end competition in the international arena, keep our focus of development strategy on the principles of continuous improvement and innovation.

Coming our top priorities at the time; while we aim to increase exports on one side, we will work to deepen achievements in the defense sector by providing effective solutions for our national primes in their needs of the software affairs, in which we already have significant progress with the help of our past engineering experience.

I would like particularly to underline at this point that, mainly Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM) and national defense industry prime contractors who are governing, leading and decisive bodies in Turkey’s defense software industry, care about and give valuable support to our efforts. This is encouraging for us. In this respect, besides local projects, we will seek to realize our first export contract in defense sector for the next year.

Concerning public sector, our approach to serve our country and people will continue. In this area, in line with their trust to us, we will continue our efforts to provide effective and timely solutions for our government institutions’ needs.

In the corporate market, as I mentioned above, our objective is primarily to increase our exports and with our experience from the past, to expand our domestic activities mainly in the communication, IT Management and cyber security areas.

ICterra, towards achieving these goals, will further develop its strong engineering staff, and they will strengthen its institutional structure with its efficient management team.

I would like to wish health, happiness and success for all of our stakeholders and ICterra family for the year 2016​

Vedat Uslu


About Us

ICterra is a global software engineering company.

We bring 24 years of extensive know-how and domain-specific expertise in software R&D and product development across multiple industries, building innovative and customer-centric products.

We build strategic partnerships with world’s top IT companies to provide value-added IT solutions and deliver high-quality professional services based on unique business needs.

While improving the IT experience of internal stakeholders, we also help companies become more customer-centric by developing solutions which improve end-user satisfaction.

Our focus is to maximize the ROI of our customers’ IT investments through cutting-edge, reliable and cost-effective services -- so they can overcome IT challenges faster, focus on business-critical decisions and maintain their competitive edge.

With our experienced team of engineers, experts and consultants, we put unique business needs of our customers at the heart of our services, exceed their expectations and build long-lasting trusted partnerships.

ICterra from Past to Present


We were a small software R&D team within Siemens Turkey, commissioned to customize Siemens’ leading telecommunication products based on country-specific requirements

Our team started to take on R&D activities for Siemens’ telecommunication products on a global scale


Our team incorporated as Siemens Enterprise Communications (Siemens EC) and became one of Siemens’ top 5 global R&D centers

According to the Top 500 IT Firms Research, Turkey, Siemens EC Turkey ranked 6th in “software export” and 8th in “industry-specific software development” categories


On  March 1st, 2013, Siemens EC Turkey has been acquired as a result of a management buyout (MBO) and became an independent company – ICterra Information and Communication Technologies

Our Management

Our Team

With our experienced team of engineers, experts and consultants, we put unique business needs of our customers at the heart of our services, exceed their expectations and build long-lasting trusted partnerships.




number of engineers


Master's graduates


average work experience

25 yrs

of IT industry experience

Our Integrated Management System Policy

(Quality, Information Security, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety)

“We are dedicated to optimal and innovative solutions.”

  • Our goal is to provide product and service quality at the highest level to meet our customers' needs and expectations.
  • Satisfaction of our employees, our suppliers, our business partners, our shareholders, environment and society in cooperation with them are ensured in legal framework.
  • Continuously improvement of all our processes is our main and indispensable duty. We are all responsible for the quality of the work that we performed.
  • The most important determiner of our quality is the knowledge and skills of our employees. We achieve success by combining and raising our creative and innovative efforts with team spirit.
  • In all our activities, we care about risk-based thinking in identifying potential problems and opportunities and take action.
  • Management and protection of all our valuable information in respect of confidentiality, integrity and availability, and supporting business continuity are our main understanding.
  • Clean, healthy and safe working environment where we will be happy, coherent and efficient is one of our most important assets.
  • Reducing the environmental impact of all our activities and prevention of environmental pollution is our common responsibility.