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About ICterra

ICterra is a Software Engineering Company with 200+ software professionals and offices in Munich, London, Ankara, İstanbul. We combine more than 25 years of software development experience with technology expertise and proven methodologies to provide Software Solutions to our customers.

We have been building long lasting strategic partnerships with our customers across multiple industries such as Healthcare and Medical, Energy, Automotive, Avionics and Telecommunications.

Excellence in Software Engineering

With our expertise in numerous areas, we provide innovative solutions about Software Development, Software Testing, Start Up Package and UI / UX Design services.


Our History

Top 500 IT Companies in Turkey: 16th in “Domestic Software Engineering Companies”


Our History

UK based Computing Security Magazine “One to Watch” Award


Our History

– Offices in Munich and London
– Aselsan Strategic Business Partner
– Common Criteria Certification (EAL4+) for ATES


Our History

First appraisal for CMMI Development Level-3


Our History

National and NATO Secret Classified” Facility Security Certificates


Our History

– Unify R&D Partner
– Independent Company: ICterra Information & Communication Technologies

1991 – 2012

Our History

Software R&D Team within Siemens Turkey and one of Siemens’ top 5 global R&D centers

Managament Team

H. Vedat Uslu

Chief Executive Officer

H. Vedat Uslu graduated from Middle East Technical University (METU) Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department in 1990 and completed his MBA at METU in 2000. Developing his first professional software in his third year of university, Vedat Uslu planned a career in software development.

Following his short data processing experience in the banking sector, as of 1992 he worked at the software R&D department during Siemens Turkey’s establishment. He took numerous software development and management roles.

In 2007, Vedat Uslu worked as a Vice President and a board member at Siemens Enterprise Communications Turkey. In 2011, he was appointed as the General Manager. In 2013, as a result of a management buyout, Vedat Uslu became the sole shareholder of the company and changed its name to ICterra Information and Communication Technologies.

As ICterra’s CEO, Vedat Uslu gives priority to developing ICterra’s global business strategy, establishing long-term relationships with customers and stakeholders based on trust and value, placing creativity at the forefront, achieving operational and technological excellence and ensuring growth in all active markets.

H. Vedat Uslu


Hakan Ayçenk

Defense Sector Director

Defense Sector Director Hakan Ayçenk who joined ICterra in 2019, is graduated from Middle East Technical University (METU) Electrical and Electronics Engineering department at 1993, where he obtained M.S. degree at 1997. Later during his career, Hakan had executive MBA degree form METU Business Administration Department in 2007.

In the first years of his career, Hakan worked in product development and systems engineering fields at ASELSAN and MİKES companies in defence sector. He is stationed at Thales Group in France during one year in 1999 where he gained experience in international projects. Moving forward in his career, Hakan took managerial responsibility in STM and Meteksan Defence companies as Project Manager and Systems Engineering Manager in Command and Control, Telecommunication and Engineering Consultancy domains.

Besides his defence sector experience, Hakan had executive roles in engineering management and procurement fields for 6 years in energy sector at Enerjisa and GAMA Power Systems companies. Before joining ICterra, Hakan was working as Deputy General Manager in Ayyazılım company.

Throughout his career of over 25 years of defence and energy, Hakan focus can be listed as:


  • Systems Engineering
  • Engineering Management
  • Program Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Sub Contract Management
  • Cross-functional Team Management
Hakan Ayçenk

Defense Sector Director

Özlem Şahin Gök

Corporate Sector Director

Özlem graduated from the Computer Engineering department at Middle East Technical University (METU) in 1999 and started her career as a Software Engineer. During this time, she has developed a strong interest in software engineering and management, aspiring her to complete MSc in Software Management program at METU.

Over the past 17 years in ICterra, with her technical background and focus on product, project and people management, she has successfully led several multinational software projects, took product management responsibility for in-house developed products and managed software organizations at different sizes and compositions including management of the Engineering team undertaking Engineering Director responsibility.

At ICterra now, Özlem is serving as the Corporate Sector Director, building strategic relationships with local and International enterprises acquiring Software Development Services across multiple industries.

Özlem is focus can be listed as:

  • Creating and Delivering Software
  • Engineering Services (turnkey/fixed price, outsourcing, integrated teams)
  • International Business Development
  • Leading cross-functional Software Teams
  • People Management
  • Change Management for organizational and operational transformations
  • Agile Product Management
  • Process Optimization

Özlem has a passion for traveling, windsurfing and good food. She lives and likes Ankara and can’t live without New York.

Özlem Şahin Gök

Corporate Sector Director

Hakan Yüksel

Finance and Operations Director
Hakan graduated from the Department of Management at the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Middle East Technical University (METU) in 1990.

He started his career at T.C. Ziraat Bankası Banking School with completing a one year education programme. Following this programme he worked as Specialist and Assistant Manager in various Head Office Departments in the Bank.

After his 5-year post as vice president in London Branch, he was appointed to various Turkey Branches, Frankfurt and New York branches as Manager. During his 24 years of banking career, he presented the bank at national and international meetings held with Treasury, Central Bank, Parliamentary Commissions, IMF and rating institutions and he carried out several international finance and banking duties.

In 2015 he joined a construction company involved with international projects. Since 2017, he has been working at ICterra as Director of Finance and Operations.

Hakan Yüksel

Finance & Operations Director

Zekeriya Dinçer

IT Solutions Program Manager
Zekeriya completed his BSc degree in Computer Engineering with a specialization in Software Engineering at Middle East Technical University (METU).

He started his career at Siemens Enterprise Communications as Software Engineer taking part in the HiPath Management Console and IPDslam management projects. As a result of the changes in Siemens Enterprise Communications’ service strategy, he dived in to the service management and ITIL world. He worked as Software Engineer, Business Analyst, and Project Manager in many projects such as service management process unification and standardization, CMDB Data Model, SAP integration and event management of customer assets.

He continued his career as an IT Solution Architect leading a global service management solution, enabling technicians, field engineers, customers and partners to manage service related activities, compliant with ITIL standards.

At ICterra, Zekeriya is responsible for coordinating a team of consultants experienced in service management, IT automation, proactive monitoring and cyber security. With over 10 years of IT project experience, he is managing business development and sales activities mainly in finance and telecommunications sectors.

Zekeriya enjoys traveling around the world and playing bowling. He is currently playing in the Turkish professional league.

Zekeriya Dinçer

IT Solutions Program Manager

Meltem Harput

Human Resource Manager
Meltem has graduated Department of Psychology at Faculty of Art and Science at Middle East Technical University in 1997.

In 1998, she has started to serve as a human resources specialist at Havelsan, which is a leading software development and system engineering company of Turkish Defense Industry. She has contributed to the initial structuring of human resources department and establishment of respective processes. She has assumed the role of Planning and Assessment Manager at Human Resources Department in 2008 and has taken active role in setting up systems of competence based interview, recruitment, performance evaluation, compensation management, strengthening corporate culture, 360 degrees competence evaluation , personality analysis and career planning. She continuously led the restructuring of these systems as per strategic needs of the company during her service.

Meltem has started as HR Manager at ICterra in 2016. Her role in ICterra is ensuring HR processes are run in alignment with strategic targets of the company.

Meltem Harput

Human Resource Manager

Murat Gül

Information Systems Manager
Murat graduated from the Department of Mathematics at the Middle East Technical University (METU). In 1995, he started his career as a Research Assistant at METU Computer Center, as a Network and System Administrator for the Faculty of Architecture. In 1998, he joined the Network & System Team at the Ministry of Economy as a specialist and participated in various projects in the area of network, security and system architecture.

In 2000, he joined Siemens Turkey’s R&D team as the lead engineer, responsible for the Configuration Control and Network Division. He participated in various projects in the following areas: configuration management, network, security and system architecture.

Since 2007, he has been working as the Information Systems Manager at ICterra. Murat’s main responsibilities are planning and managing the company’s IT infrastructure, budget management and information security.

Murat Gül

Information Systems Manager


Quality Manager

Ayşegül Y. G. KALAYCIOĞLU graduated from Middle East Technical University, department of Aeronautical Engineering, in 1994.

From 1995 to 1999 she worked for Ministry of Transportation – Directorate General of Civil Aviation, in the activities of establishment of national civil aviation regulations, auditing aviation companies and air vehicles, and performing accident investigations.

In 1999, she started to work at HAVELSAN Inc., one of the leading company in defense, aviation and IT sector in Turkey, as Quality Engineer. From 2004 to 2014, she worked as Quality and Process Management Director in the same company. In this position, she

  • lead the activities of  establishment, maintenance and certification of HAVELSAN Management System in accordance with standards / models  CMMI Level-3, ISO 9001, AS 9100, AS 9115, AQAP 2110, AQAP 160, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 27001;
  • had an active role in establishment of Balances Score Card used in measurement of corporate performance and 360° Competence Evaluation System providing systematic carrier management for employees;
  • developed training courses for familiarizing HAVELSAN personnel about Organizational Management System and its applications, established and managed “HAVELSAN Academy – Faculty of Management by Processes”;
  • lead the activities for establishment of process automation infrastructure.

On 1 March 2016, Ayşegül KALAYCIOĞLU joined ICterra Family. Her present major goal is to add value to the ICterra’s effectivity and productivity focused management perspective and way of searching for excellence.

Ayşegül KALAYCIOĞLU, is also lead auditor for the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 ve ISO 27001 management systems.

Ayşegül Y. G. Kalaycıoğlu

Quality Manager

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