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Efficient, energetic, fun: React Hackathon
12 September 2018

Author:Gülşah BAŞARANER, SW Expert – Defence Application SW Group

10th August 2018 was an exciting day for the people who attended to ICterra’s Hackathon organization. It was a success for all teams who came up with great and functional ideas. The objective was to get ourselves familiar with ReactJS and produce web applications to make work life easier.

Why are we focused on ReactJS?

The reasons basically depends on some advantages of ReactJS listed below:

  • Dynamic data change
  • Growing community
  • Adaptive to different technologies
  • Easy to learn, easy to use
  • Component based

How was our Hackathon experiment?

At first, lots of people had doubt about ReactJS because they were not familiar with it. In order to relieve people’s mind about React, two training sessions were conducted before Hackathon day.

We promoted event so that everyone can join. Actually, we tried to create the perception that people who are not actively coding can also participate in this activity.

There were 10 teams in the event whose purpose was to learn, and enjoy in React’s dynamic World.

On the day of event

The impatient waiting of the teams ended at 9:00 with the opening speech and hacking started intensely.

There were two experienced developers who acted as a mentor and supported when the team members needed during the day.

Drawings were made during the competition and several gifts were distributed to the participants. A small gift was also given to the best logo which was chosen by the like number our communication platform Workit.

Teams and Projects

Impressive ideas met with ReactJS were brought into life and a great diversity of applications were produced during the Hackathon.

  • Quizit
  • Code Sharing Platform
  • Voting Application
  • Smart Restaurant Selection
  • React for Workit
  • Graphical Test Reporting Application
  • Visual Survey
  • ICHabbits
  • Work Hour Tracking and Detailing System
  • Catch the Inspire

Jury Evaluation

Exciting development of awesome teams ended at 16:30 and they started to present their projects to the jury.

The evaluation criteria was:

  • Originality / innovativeness
  • Benefits to business life
  • Usability / Visuality / Accessibility
  • Presentation / Demo
  • Verification and Performance
  • Using React Components / Abilities
  • Using React Libraries

After about one and a half hour, jury completed scoring the projects and decided the winners.

People participated in this hackathon gained lots of things besides prizes and gifts as ReactJs, team work and development experience in a short time. Hopefully, the participants had a day of fun and learning a lot.

See you next hackathon in ICterra!

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