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Supporting our Clients with development of
Cyber Security Products
and Secure Software Solutions

Core Competencies

  • =Secure software development based on Common Criteria approach
  • =Product security services for embedded systems, cloud and server applications
  • =Software development services for Cyber Security products
  • 5Flexible Intrusion Prevention System (FIPS)
  • 5ICterra Honeypot System (BAKS)
  • 5Edge Security And Edge Management Framework (Robust-Edge)
  • 5Smart Intrusion Detection System (ATES)

Product Security Services for
Embedded Systems

  • =Secure Software Development Lifecycle Implementation
  • =Secure Boot
  • =Secure Firmware / Software Update
  • =Secure Software Execution
  • =Tamper Detection
  • =Embedded Firewall
  • =Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • =Secure Data Storage
  • =Custom Embedded Operating System
  • =Edge Device Resource Monitoring and Management
  • =Event Reporting
  • =OS Hardening

Product Security Services for Cloud and
Server Applications

  • =Business Requirements and Use-Cases Phase
  • 5Abuse Cases Analysis
  • 5Architecture Risk Analysis
  • =Design Phase
  • 5Threat Modeling
  • 5Design Risk Analysis
  • 5Design Security Review
  • =Coding Phase
  • 5Developer Secure Coding Trainings
  • 5Secure Code Review
  • 5Static / Dynamic Code Analysis
  • =Testing Phase
  • 5Security Test Review
  • =Deployment and Maintenance Phase
  • 5Penetration Test
  • 5Product Security Monitoring

Integrating Security Features into the
Software Development Lifecycle according to Common Criteria Standard

ICterra ATES (Smart Intrusion Detection System) is Common Criteria EAL 4+ certified as of September 12, 2017

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