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High Available Infrastructure

  • =Microservices
  • =Containerization (Docker)
  • =Orchestrated Flows (Docker Swarm, Kubernetes)
  • =Georedundancy with advanced disaster recovery scenarios

Security at all Steps

  • =Compliant coding (Domain standards)
  • =Reusable software units applicable to different domains
  • =Granular role-based user access management

Cloud Services

  • =Easy-to-integrate service oriented software units
  • =Various services to shorten development and testing phases
  • =On-premise to cloud, cloud to on-premise or hybrid solutions
  • =AWS and Azure services experience
Fast Access to Labelled Data
  • =Centralized data farm
  • =Time-series analysis
  • =Predictive analysis & analytics
  • =Customized trends
Real-Time Visibility
  • =Full event Stack
  • =Asset management
  • =Event diaries
  • =Audit trails
  • =Alarm management
Mobile Development
  • =User Experience Design
  • =Cloud Driven Back End Services
  • =Responsive, Native Mobile Oriented Front End Development
  • =Solution Testing
  • =Maintenance / Improvement

Technologies & Competences at a Glance

Front End Back End Mobile DevOps Cloud Platforms
Technologies Experience in a wide range of programming languages and frameworks (Javascript, TypeScript, Angular JS, React JS, JQuery) Experience in a wide range of programming languages and frameworks (Java, Spring Boot, Node JS, Go, Python, Flask) Hybrid and native mobile development of iOS and Android apps Container-based infrastructure setup and maintenance (Docker, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes) Amazon Web Services experience (EC2, SES, SQS, RDS, S3, ELB, EBS, Auto-scaling, Lambda, ElastiCache, CloudWatch)
Test automation, CI/CD processes Experience in various logging and visibility tools/services (ELK, Log4J, Zipkin) Deployment process management (App Store, Google Play) Real-time monitoring (ELK, Portainer, Cerebro, Zabbix) Microsoft Azure platform experience (Azure VM, VM Scale Sets, Azure Functions, SQL Database, Azure Database for PostgreSQL, Azure Cache, Azure Monitor, AQS)
Test automation, CI/CD processes Experience in a wide range of programming languages and frameworks (Objective-C, Swift, Java, React Native)
Competences Quick prototyping Software engineering and architecture best practices Quick prototyping Private and public container registry management Cloud services integration for on-premise solutions for hybrid operation
Browser support and compatibility testing Broker based services integration Docker image versioning and management Migration from on-premise to cloud or among various providers
UI and UX process management Service bus based services integration for legacy systems Infrastructure-as-code development

Web & Mobile Technology Stack

  • Front End
  • =React
  • =Redux
  • =React Native
  • =Angular JS
  • =Bootstrap
  • =TypeScript
  • =JOuery
  • =Socket.io
  • Back End
  • =Java
  • =Spring Boot
  • =Hibernate
  • =Play
  • =Python
  • =Flask
  • =Celery
  • =Node JS
  • =WebRTC
  • =Kurento
  • Data Storage
  • =PostgreSQL
  • =MySQL
  • =Maria DB
  • =Elasticsearch
  • =Mongo DB
  • =SQL Server
  • =Neo4J
  • =GEO Server
  • =Open Map Tiles
  • Data Processing & Distributed Systems
  • =Apache Storm
  • =Apache Zookeeper
  • =VectorCast
  • Broker
  • =RabbitMQ
  • =Kafka
  • =ActiviteMQ
  • =MQTT
  • Virtualization & Containerization
  • =VMWare
  • =Virtual Box
  • =Docker
  • =Docker Swarm
  • =Kubernetes
  • Operating System
  • =CentOS
  • =Ubuntu
  • =Windows
  • =Android
  • =iOS
  • =Windows Phone
  • Development
  • =IntelliJ IDEA
  • =Eclipse
  • =PyCharm
  • =Android Studio
  • =Xcode
  • =Git / Gitlab
  • =Jenkins
  • =JIRA
  • =Confluance

Test Toolchain

  • Test Automation
  • =Selenium
  • = Ranorex Studio
  • =Test Complete
  • =Fitnesse
  • Test Management
  • =IBM Rational Doors
  • = Enterprise Architect
  • =TestRail
  • =Zephyr
  • Development Test & Code Review
  • =JUnit 5
  • =Fisheye
  • =Crucible
  • Static Test
  • =Cochrane RevMan
  • = IBM Rational ClearQuest
  • Structural Coverage Analysis
  • =Vector Software
  • Mobile Testing
  • =Appium
  • Performance & Load Testing
  • =JMeter

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Web and Mobile Technologies
Web and Mobile Technologies