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ICterra Webinar 16 April 2020 “Applying Agile Practices with Distributed Teams”
20 March 2020

Core values & principles in the Agile Manifesto were originally considered for co-located teams, and face-toface communication was thought to be the most efficient and effective way of conveying information. However, most of the companies today have geographically distributed agile teams as the business conditions do not always allow setting up co-located teams for several reasons.

This webinar summarizes Agile Practices, explores challenges faced by distributed agile teams and proposes practical and tested solutions to help build successful distributed agile teams.


✓ Overview of Agile
✓ Agile Manifesto,
✓ Principles and Methodologies
✓ Agile Tools and Techniques
✓ Distributed Agile Software Development
✓ Challenges of Agile with Remote/distributed teams
✓ Practices, Tools and Techniques and use cases for distributed teams

Speaker – Sevgi Onay
ICterra Software Group Manager





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