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One of the world’s leading communications software and services company.


Embedded software development and testing services.

Engagement Team

  • 26 engineers in integrated teams
  • }Since 2006


Project Details

Successful development and maintenance of several desktop phone families (optiPoint, Openstage, CP phones)

Product Line knowledge gained by working with various phone models

Accomplished solutions for two-way video communication and video streaming

UX design services for embedded monochromatic and colored displays

Deep knowledge of industry-proven embedded GUI frameworks such as Qt and PEG

Development of Micro Embedded GUI (MEG) as replacement for PEG

Fit the Agile Process which is also aligned with hardware track to ensure high-quality product outcome and comply with agreed deadlines

Reliability of SOA based approach has been proven many times about providing, scalability, extensibility, and security

  • =Jenkins for Continuous Integration
  • =Test automation activities with Groovy to increase product quality
  • =Test-driven development with FitNesse and Unit tests
  • =Version control with Git and Clearcase for large scale distributed development


  • =26 Engineers in Ankara, İstanbul and Munich offices
  • =Part of 80+ people Large Scale Agile Team
  • =Several patent applications on behalf of Unify
  • =Hackathons
  • =Product management,project management and software architecture responsibilities
  • =Global meeting moderation responsibilities
  • =Continious Process Improvement