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Leading European IT services company has more than 100.000 employee


Operational L2 & L3 software support and maintenance

Engagement Team

  • Time & Material
  • 2019 -


OTRS, Confluence, Jira JavaScript, Spring, TLS/SSL, SOAP, Restful, React, AngularJS, MS-SQL


  • =Reduce operational expense associated with maintaining 12*5 maintenance and support operations
  • =Improve quality of services and decrease L2 support cost simultaneously in a short timeframe


  • =Built a dedicated centralized service desk to support and manage client application (L2, L3) and requirements in an SLA based managed services model.
  • =Conducted a knowledge transfer and project transition phase to ensure all ICterra support resources have sufficient access, knowledge and confidence to provide a seamless user experience.
  • =Create a knowledgebase from scratch to increase quality of services.
  • =Adopted process efficiency driven ITIL framework
  • =Provides application maintenance & support (L2, L3) service as a package. It increases product quality and employee productivity.
  • =Define new and business-critical KPI data which is necessary to track performance and quality of service


  • =Extensive increase in SLA and customers satisfaction rate within 3 months
  • KSLA score has increased from 90s to 99s.
  • KCustomers satisfaction rate has increased from 4’s to upper 4,7
  • =30% reduction in ticket resolution time, major decrease in total support cost by providing package application support, complete knowledgebase, ITIL driven polices, automating of information processing, professional and proactive business approach.
  • =Transition has been completed within 2 months
  • =Employee onboarding process decreased from months to days by creating complete knowledge base and efficient communication channel and policies.
  • =Support strategic decision making process by providing accurate performance & KPI monitoring and management to make right investment between human resources, infrastructure and teams