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Smart Intrusion Detection System


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Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) consisting of a custom Command Control Center and complementary sensors.

Engagement Model

  • Integrated Teams
  • 2014-2018



  • =Common Criteria EAL4+ (ALC_FLR.1) certified system (Security features are selected, implemented and verified according to the methodology defined in International Common Criteria Standard) “1 of 3 certified products from Turkey among a total of 38 certified products as of February 2020 in «BOUNDARY Protection Devices and Systems» category according to Common Criteria Portal”
  • =Custom Command Control Center implemented as web application, featuring ergonomic user experience
  • =Signature based / Behavior based / Reputation based intelligence gathering, attack and anomaly detection


  • ="Security as a Service" architecture and machine-to-machine communication, where
  • KCommand Control Center is used to manage sensors and share information among them
  • KSensors are to be deployed in institutions acquiring service to perform network based attack detection
  • KCommand Control Center is to be deployed in the institution offering the security service
  • =Real-time log storage, retrieval, attack display and export capabilities on top of open-source relational databases. Real-time customizable network statistics monitoring capability to compliment signature-based attack detection
  • =Attacker geolocation detection and display, enhancing situational awareness to assist decision making
  • =Genuine security features such as separate administrator and auditor roles to support «segregation of duties» principle and audit logs