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Railway Software Development
14 June 2021

Railway Software Development

Today’s technological developments have created complex software. In order to ensure the safe and accurate functioning of these complex software, development processes are provided by international standards. Effective methods and applications related to software need to be used. En 50128 standard is implemented within the framework of Railway software development. The EN 50128 standard includes supporting features such as simple design, coding standards, test automation, continuous integration, and verification. It has also been identified in problematic areas such as needs analysis and change methods. Agile methods are used in the field of software, but their use is limited in security-related issues. All systems related to security include software programs, and studies related to efficient software production gain weight. The cost of producing security software is quite high. Especially in the field of railway software development, producing software applications and organizing all security-related functions is carried out with high fees.


How is the Railway Software Development Process Progressing?

In areas such as security, architecture, design, and component coding, there is a strict and sequential process in the context of software development. In order to develop software in all these areas, various tests are carried out and the process is carefully followed. Making a detailed plan before starting the final tests and emphasizing the specification is called “plan-driven”. Certain errors detected in security-related software from the last stage can be costly and lead to late integration. It can lead to negative developments such as delayed-release. Certain problems are encountered when developing security-related software, such as Railway software development. At the initial stage of the software project, not all requirements may be expressed.

  • New needs and findings may be overlooked throughout the process.
  • High-cost documents and projects developed by software engineers may be needed.


How to use Railway Software Development Agile Methods?

Agile methods have been developed in response to the slow functioning process of various plan and document-centered software methods. Agile method implementation, which gradually innovates, integrates, designs, tests and verifies the system that works according to customer demand, focuses on collaboration, increases the functionality of the software. It provides software revision by keeping up with new business lines and technical developments. Planning is also in focus in agile methods. However, all planning is carried out in detail within a short period of time. As general public safety awareness has increased and the use of software has expanded, the orientation to agile applications has also increased. Agile method studies are available, especially in sectors such as automotive and railway.


What is EN 50128?

EN 50128 is a generally accepted European standard that regulates the development, distribution, and maintenance of safety-related software in all railway applications. The areas covered by EN 50128 are the life cycle, Software Assurance, and requirements for developing organizations. Automatic testing in en 50128 reduces the time to find and eliminate an existing problem. Automatic static control and other verification techniques can be performed in a short time. In addition, the coding standard is mandatory in en 50128. Collective decency and dual programming are among the standards to be followed. With EN 50128, the Railway software development process is being shortened and small-scale railway software development projects can be expanded.

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