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Remote Software Development
14 June 2021

Remote Software Development

With the development of technology, the idea of creating a traditional business environment began to be abandoned, and the demand for remote teams increased using the advantages of agility. Companies can have many advantages with the way remote software development works. With this working model, access to global markets and resources becomes easier. Employees with certain skills and abilities to develop software are not caught in the position restriction barrier. The remote software development team created for the project and product can perform its operations by following agile principles.

Although having a remote software development team brings many advantages, executing a project by following agile principles is a difficult process. Different development cultures, time zone differences, cultural differences, building trust and harmony, coordinating and collaborating team structures can be challenging for remote software development teams. But with the right configuration, all these problems are easily eliminated.


How to Configure Remote Software Development Teams?

The first step for the remote software development team to produce a successful project is the right personnel selection. Individuals who are highly motivated, have the necessary qualifications, and do not have a lack of knowledge about work should be preferred. In addition, companies should run agile practices and train team members in case of a lack of knowledge. Team members selected for the project must be open to communication, transparent, and accountable. They should be encouraged by the company to carry out the project in harmony.

Team members need to be grouped in a way that they can be self-sufficient to keep collaboration dependence to a minimum. In this way, each team member should be able to conduct their own work on their own. Team members can communicate via messaging or video conferencing if needed. This facilitates the integration of communication paths. With scaled scrum approaches, the focus can be on integrated product growth and team collaboration can be achieved by avoiding possible conflicts.


Communication Problem in Remote Software Development Teams

Considering that the members of the Remote software development team are people who work in different countries, we should also take into account that these people have different cultures and holidays. It is useful to contact team members in different time zones, taking into account the time differences on holidays. Meetings for the project should be decided by taking into account the time difference. It is in the best interests of all team members to decide the meeting time by setting an official time zone. In this way, meetings will not be disrupted, and all team members will participate in meetings.

Before deciding on the meeting for the project, the following questions should be asked;

  • Is the planned meeting really necessary?
  • How long should the meeting be?
  • To what extent can the meeting be arranged timelessly for all employees?
  • How often should meetings be held?


It should be noted that regular participation in meetings is an effective method of bringing together team members and ensuring decisiveness. In timeboxing, it is a time period set by team members to complete their common goals. It helps to keep all the meetings to be held within a certain period of time and make it easier for all members to focus on the project. Common goals and understandings can be achieved through Timeboxing. If team members know that there is a certain timeline, they will make all necessary efforts to contribute to the project.

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