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Welcome to ICterra Blog
09 Ocak 2017

Author: Ayşegül KALAYCIOĞLU

During our journey, started in 1991, we have always looked for the newest and the best of times. The new beginnings gave us excitement and happiness; and strengthened our ambition to work and determination to succeed.

Here, this blog is another new beginning and a new excitement for us…

Our goal is to share our inferences from our knowledge and experience we attained in technology intensive studies that we’ve been carrying out for over 25 years, with our precious visitors.

As we are a software engineering company, our blog contents will cover technical and managerial subjects related to the field in which we operate. We will share current, popular and original contents with you.

In order to keep our communication alive, we welcome your comments and suggestions about our posts.

We hope that our blog will create value for our entire stakeholders and provide mutual benefits.

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ICT-TH 101: Introduction to Test Hackathon

ICT-TH 101: Introduction to Test Hackathon

We are all aware that, all around the world, to deliver successful projects it is important to have required technical competency, but it is also very important to build strong relationships between the teams.

Efficient, energetic, fun: React Hackathon

Efficient, energetic, fun: React Hackathon

10th August 2018 was an exciting day for the people who attended to ICterra’s Hackathon organization. It was a success for all teams who came up with great and functional ideas. The objective was to get ourselves familiar with ReactJS and produce web applications to make work life easier.


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