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Article 10 of the 1982 Constitution of the Republic of Turkey clearly stipulates that everyone is equal before the law without discrimination based on language, race, color, gender, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion, sect, or any other basis. Based on this principle, the purpose of this Gender Equality Policy (“Policy”) of ICterra Bilgi ve İletişim Teknolojileri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (“ICterra”) is to promote the sustainability of the gender equality in ICterra and moreover to strengthen it while supporting the process to ensure the implementation of the Policy.

Since its establishment, ICterra has adopted a stance based on equal opportunities for women and men and has always maintained its identity as an employer that respects equality and diversity, is free from discrimination and provides equal progress and promotion for all. In this way, ICterra has prepared this Policy to increase the principles it adopts and to make equal opportunities for female and men more active within its organization.
ICterra’s behaviors to ensure and protect gender equality, which have already been in practice prior to this Policy, are listed below:

a) Equality of opportunity and equality in practice between men and women is promoted.

b) Gender Policy is regularly disseminated through internal communication tools.

c) Gender balance is observed within the scope of equal access to job trainings.

d) The principle of equal opportunity when selecting and promoting its employees and other employment decisions has always been in process.

e) ICterra has a well-established organization based on non-discrimination for all employee on the grounds of gender, race, color, age, national or ethnic origin or sexual orientation in their access to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to them. In this regard, no decisions taken by the management are gender discriminatory.

f) ICterra is involved in the continuation, coordination, and monitoring of the implementation of this Policy by administrative units and employees.

g) Security measures have been taken to ensure accessibility at different points so that female employees can feel safe.


ICterra believes that commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion at work creates a positive environment that makes full use of the wide range of talents and resources of its employees.

This Policy, prepared and developed by ICterra, is designed to ensure that employees work in an “Equality Friendly” system that respects equality and diversity, is free from discrimination and provides equal progress and promotion for all.  The Policy applies to all those who work for (or apply to work for) ICterra across its locations globally, whether full time or part time, temporary or permanent.

Accordingly, the Policy:

a) Commits to promote gender equality and prevent discrimination at all levels and support the continuous improvement of diversity.

b) Maintains and evaluates targets related to gender equality.

c) Guarantees that the working hours and work-life balance of the employees are ensured without any discrimination.

d) Aims to make ICterra an attractive workplace for women.

e) Ensures a balance between male and female employees.

f) Provides equal career development opportunities to all employees regardless of gender.

g) Motivates and encourages female employees to take leadership and decision-making positions.

h) Adopts an equal, inclusive, and non-sexist communication Policy.

ı) works to raise awareness on the importance of equal opportunities for women and men in many fields and to strengthen positive attitudes towards diversity within the Company.

i) Raises awareness of gender equality in all teams and areas.

Fundamental Areas

With the Gender Equality Policy, ICterra has focused primarily on the following areas.

a) Organizational culture on gender equality.

b) Equal access to recruitment and career development.

c) Gender balance in leadership and decision-making.

d) Measures against gender-based violence.

e) Personal, family and business life balance.

Hiring & Leadership and Decision-Making Mechanisms

The Constitution of the Republic of Turkey and Labor Law No. 4857 prohibit discrimination among employees. As mentioned earlier, the relevant legislation contains provisions prohibiting discrimination in recruitment and workplaces based on language, race, color, gender, disability, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion, or sect. In hiring processes, applications are made in accordance with the legislation, recruitment is carried out without discriminating between men and women, and the competencies of the employee to be recruited are taken into consideration.

Furthermore, pursuant to Article 5 of the Labor Law, no discrimination based on gender in employment relations and no lower remuneration for work of the same or equal value may be agreed on the grounds of gender. However, initiatives to promote a positive corporate culture are always and will be supported by ICterra.

ICterra believes that by providing the right environment it will also encourage effective employee relations within the organization. It is considerably important for ICterra that the recruitment process must result in the selection of the most suitable person for the post in respect of experience, knowledge, skills, and qualifications. Therefore, either directly or indirectly, discrimination on any of the grounds contained within the Policy at any stage of the recruitment process is clearly against the Policy.

It is proud to mention that a numerical analysis of gender equality in ICterra’s leadership and decision-making mechanisms shows that there is no disproportion between male and female employees in managerial positions, but rather a female-dominated work environment. The current situation will continue to be maintained with this Policy and will be improved if deficiencies exist. Therefore, at the end of each year, a report containing the activities carried out within this Policy and their results will be prepared and evaluated.

Personal Life, Family Life and Business Life

The most important tools for improving the well-being of individuals and achieving gender equality are work-life balance practices, parental leave, flexible working arrangements, career transition support and workload management. ICterra celebrates a diverse workforce to ensure fair treatment and so, respects and values the differences of everyone.

Discrimination, Violence and Sexual Harassment

The protection and promotion of human rights based on human dignity, guaranteeing the right of individuals to equal treatment, preventing discrimination in the enjoyment of legally recognized rights and freedoms are guaranteed by the Constitution and other laws. ICterra will continue its efforts to raise awareness among employees about discrimination, violence, and sexual harassment. Accordingly:

a) Seminars and trainings will be organized for all employees and managers on awareness and combating sexual discrimination, violence, and harassment.

b) Awareness activities will be carried out on legal legislation and complaint mechanisms in combating discrimination, violence, and sexual harassment.

c) Awareness-raising activities will be planned to eliminate barriers due to gender discrimination and policies will be developed in this field.

d) Every action will be taken to prevent harassment in the workplace and intervene immediately in case of detection.

e) Discriminatory behavior and attitudes will be opposed wherever they occur, and cases of discrimination will be responded to quickly and sensitively.