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Serving industry leaders since 1991

For more than 25 years, ICterra has been providing various solutions for Communication Technologies, whether it be VOIP system, SIP endpoint, WebRTC service or Satellite Spectrum Monitoring.

Our domain know how and experience in complentary Software Technologies makes ICterra preferred software engineering partner in mission-critical solutions.

Core Competencies in VoIP Technologies

IP Phones

  • =Software Development
  • =Platform
  • =UI & UX
  • =Connectivity

VoIP Components

  • =PBX Server
  • =SBC
  • =SBCGateway
  • =Application Server
  • =Adapters


  • =Authentication Transport (SSL/TLS, DTLS)
  • =Key Management (SDES, MIKEY, DTLS-SRTP, ZRTP) Confidentiality

Video calls

  • =Media negotiation H.264, H.265, VP8/9,

Advanced Telephony Features

  • =Conferences
  • =Contact center applications

Web and Mobile Applications

  • =Real-time audio and video (WEBRTC)
  • =VoIP integration
  • =Cloud API


  • =Accessability (STUN/TURN/ICE)
  • =Interfaces (SIP, H.3xx, RTP, CSTA, UDP, TCP, SSL)
  • =Quality of Service (Monitor, capture, report)


  • =Desktop sharing
  • =Instant messaging
  • =E-mail integration

Core Competencies in RF Spectrum


  • =SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) used to control Spectrum Analyzer
  • =Power Sensor and more state-of-art RF test devices
  • =REST used for collaboration with C3 computers

Application features

  • =Wideband RF spectrum analysis
  • =Wideband/Narrowband RF parameter computations
  • =Alarm generation and logging in Real-Time

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