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ICterra Invests in Trueyogi Wellness App
24 September 2021

ICterra, one of the largest software companies in Turkey, invested in the artificial intelligence-based wellness application Trueyogi with a valuation of 1.5 million dollars. The investment launch was held at ICterra Ankara office with the participation of Trueyogi founders Mehmet Uzun, Pınar Enginsu, Ömer Orkun Düztaş, Alparslan Işıklı and Gökhan Yavuz, hosted by H. Vedat Uslu, the chairman of the board of ICterra.

H. Vedat Uslu stated that they believe Trueyogi will gain a successful momentum in the international arena in a short time thanks to its technological infrastructure and ability to bring together many different disciplines. “As ICterra, we are willing to expand the Trueyogi investment model and aim to support more startups with our software development capabilities as well as financial investments.”

What is Trueyogi?

Trueyogi is a wellness application developed by experienced entrepreneurs, yoga instructors, talented engineers, and expert academics. The application helps practitioners to learn practicing yoga correctly all by themselves with the help of AI. The purpose of Trueyogi is to guide millions of people who are willing to discover yoga practice and philosophy with their personal efforts.

The startup was founded in May 2019 with TUBITAK BIGG funding and conducted computer vision R&D for two years. The application will take its place in mobile devices next year and start serving its users’ wellness needs.


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