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Oncology Patient Follow-up and Data Analysis

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Medical Oncology Departments of Healthcare Facilities and clinics in need of clinical workflow and patient follow-up infrastructures.


A web-based oncology patient follow-up and data analysis software supplying the oncologists with the clinical baseline / follow-up of the patients.

This infrastructure enhances the data-flow between the entire oncology care while providing interfaces for exchanging and relaying patient follow-up data with various other departments (radiology, laboratory, pharmacy, pathology etc.)

R&D Roadmap

  • =Smart data assessment tools for diagnosis-support
  • =Outpatient chemo / infusion treatment planning & follow-up
  • =Survivorship care
  • =Mobile HMI for caregiver enrollment
  • =Clinical trial protocol management

Current Features

  • =Longitudinal oncology EHR
  • =Tumor staging
  • =Chemo / radiotherapy dosing & administration
  • =Surgical operations
  • =Dynamic reporting
  • =Toxicity assessment