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About Customer

Founded in Japan in 1983, Wacom is the World’s leading manufacturer of interactive pen tablets and displays as well as digital styli and solutions for saving and processing digital signatures.

Wacom has subsidiaries and affiliate offices around the world in over 150 countries. Wacom’s vision is to bring people and technology closer together through natural interface technologies and to help people express their individual creativity.


WACOM needed a team as a partner with international experience to:

  • =Handle iOS/Android application development for white-labelled device produced for Montblanc
  • =Aim of the applications is to integrate traditional writing into the digital workflow by transferring the written notes and sketches from paper to mobile device.
  • =Implement the customer UI according to the branding requirements with supporting UI design for mobile applications
  • =Support the project management for Agile Scrum Framework adaptation.


Montblanc Hub (iOS/Android) applications developed with Agile Scrum frameworks, provide the following features and solutions:

  • =With pressing one simple button the notes can be transmitted to the mobile device via Bluetooth® Low Energy
  • =Hand-written notes can be converted into digital text and they can be edited with the Montblanc Hub Application
  • =Main features are edit, store and organize the notes on the mobile device
  • =Sharing files via email or store it in on the cloud service


Projects has been successfully completed as planned with the required quality. Mobile applications are available on application stores (AppStore and GooglePlay) as “Montblanc Hub”.

Used Technologies

  • =BIC & Modern Objective C
  • =Java
  • =CoreBluetooth Framework
  • =CoreData Framework
  • =CocoaPods/Cartage
  • =Swift Package Manager (SWM)
  • =Bluetooth LE - Android
  • =Sketching
  • =Animation
  • =Sharing extension capabilities
  • =Cloud syncing
  • =Adobe Creative Cloud