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A multi-tenant SaaS digital workplace application that enables all employees and shareholders of a company to communicate & cooperate efficiently

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Product Details

  • =Scalable highly available clustered architecture with real-time data processing capabilities
  • =SaaS and on-premise deployment options
  • =P2P Audio & Video Call capability
  • =Video conferencing with desktop sharing and recording options
  • =Advanced search infrastructure with multitenant-capable full-text search and analytics engine
  • =Advanced call features such as «Call wait», «Transfer», «Forward» and «WEB2SIP (VoIP)»
  • =Quality of Service (QoS) via package prioritization, routing, network optimization, fallback mechanisms
  • KAll features including multimedia communication capabilities accessible via native mobile iOS and Android apps
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Workit.biz allows you to efficiently connect with your colleagues from a single place, providing features like conference & screen sharing, external communication, fast search, file sharing, meeting room management, bookmarks & tags, workplace calendar, personal daily calendar, reminders.


  • =Voice & Video Calls
  • =User Management
  • =Voice & Video Conferencing
  • =File Transfer
  • =Call Recording
  • =Meeting Room Management
  • =Task Management
  • =End-To-End Encryption
  • =Roles & Permissions
  • =Share & Track Location
  • =Instant Messaging
  • =User Friendly UI Libaries