Excellence in Software Engineering
World Environment Day
09 June 2021

Author: Ayşegül Y.G. KALAYCIOĞLU, Quality Manager

As ICterra, when we have started our journey with the mission of “Excellence in Software Engineering”, we have decided that the satisfaction of all our stakeholders would be our highest priority and embraced the “environment” as one of our stakeholders.

Although our environmental risks are relatively low as a software engineering company, we have established an Environmental Management System (EMS). With the programs we’ve implemented in the scope of the EMS, we’ve aimed to reduce our energy and natural resource consumptions, ensure recycling our waste, and enhance the “Sustainable Environment” awareness of our employees and their milieu.

By that way, in the past five years, with the enthusiasm and support of our employees, we have reduced electricity consumption more than 50%; we have kept fuel consumption due to corporate transportation at an optimum level and we’ve minimized paper consumption by means of digital recording, documentation and communication in the office. In order to facilitate the collection of solid, electronic and hazardous wastes separately, we have extended the recycle bins in the office area and ensured recycling tons of waste. We have been making our voices heard inside and outside by various activities that we’ve organized on June 5, World Environment Day every year.

This year, we continue keeping our tradition we call “A Sapling for Every Employee” alive. Through the saplings planted on behalf of our employees, we hope to contribute to the efforts for creating a greener environment for future generations. What’s more, we designed fabric shopping bags, with the motto “we think blue and green” printed on them, to draw attention to the need to reduce using plastic. Inside the bags, a handful of flower seeds await our employees, whose efforts will unite the seeds with the soil, sprout, and spread happiness around. This year, for the first time, we organized a competition with the environment concept on a social media platform to select the most Environmentally Friendly Employee of ICterra as well.

Our endeavour to improve the environment will live on with the contribution of our employees. We hope that our symbolic attempts will hopefully lead to bigger and better attempts and outcomes, first in our close surroundings and later, in the whole world!

Happy World Environment Day!


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